Virus’s and Malware

We have all heard of or experienced some kind of Virus infection. We know what they are; we know what they can do. But are viruses the only problems we can encounter with our PCs? The answer is a resounding NO!!

There are other software dangers looking for a way to infect your PC with undesirable pop ups, redirections and other similar issues. These software dangers are known as “Malware” and they include Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers to name a few and the least heard of, Rootkits.

There are many great anti-virus programs out there, and in recent times, many of them have come to include definitions for malware and spyware. But just as antivirus companies continually update definition files to catch new emerging malwares, there is a geek working feverishly in his mom’s basement to create a new malware to slip past even the most comprehensive scanners. Malware will act in much the same way that viruses will, it will cause undesirable things to happen. They can do things like hide all your files, delete everything from your desktop and make all of your executable files inoperable. More often than not, when left unchecked for any length of time, it will put your PC in such a state that conventional scanning methods would be useless to remove the harmful software from your computer.

While viruses, malware and spyware are in your face and blatant when they run, there is another harmful type of infection to your computer that stays silent and in the shadows. You won’t even know it’s there, until your emails stop reaching the intended recipients or your email address and domain is listed as a known spammer service. This infection is called a Rootkit.
Rootkits aren’t detected by conventional virus/malware scanners. They don’t reside in the same locations that many viruses and malware live.
They are more often than not hidden in system protected folders and can be rather frustrating to troubleshoot let alone remove. Rootkits can do a multitude of different things to rob your PC of performance or just perform malicious tasks in the background that make your productivity and security suffer. So if you’ve already scanned for viruses and malware, chances are, you may also be looking at a Rootkit problem. Give us a call today and allow us to
help resolve your virus, malware and Rootkit issues!