System Services


Since Microsoft introduced  the GUI in 1985 and gained traction in 1990 with Windows 3.0 then a network version 3.1X.  In the business through this evolution the transition through the operating systems have been incremental.  Leading all the way up through Microsoft’s most current desktop 10 and Server 2016. These tools as they have throughout the years continue to dominate the market and PCT has been involved from installation, migration and on-going management.

Windows Server and desktop Operating Systems PCT’s specialties!

If you are looking for support for Legacy UNIX or current flavors of Linux you have come to the right place.  We have 30 years of expertise in the UNIX arena.   Specifically the SCO flavor; factory trained with years of exposure.  Looking for upgrades, migrations or just on-going management support we are here to be of assistance.  We have strong ties to this O/S community that will provide you with plenty of knowledge with your toughest requirements in this industry.

Think Professional Computer Technology when you think UNIX!


A broad term that encompasses may aspects of connection.  In our industry we find this prevalent in three areas.  Site to site, client to host and of course smartphone to apps.  We are very versed in connecting
remote offices to host sites through VPN tunnels, connecting users remotely anywhere in the world to host location and of course assisting our customer with their usage of smartphone weather its syncing their
calendar or managing their email remotely.  We also have provided site to site encrypted wireless connections easing the expense of tunneling between line of site locations.

Do you have a need to be connected; we at PCT can
provide you with options!


We started many years ago with the support of high speed impact printers.  These mechanical beast although very fast were very noisy and temperamental.  We continue to support impact printer but primarily
within the Okidata Line of smaller 9 and 24 pin printing.  Now, ninety percent of the time we find laser printing call our name.  We provide sales, setup, trouble shooting and routine maintenance including
maintenance kit installations.

Pesky printer problems; we’d love to help!