Our Team

Dennis Kirschling;

Owner of PCT always had electronics in his blood. His father, Robert Kirschling flew 25 sorties over Germany during WW2 as a Radio Man/Navigator. After the war he spent quite a bit of time in his HAM Radio shop. This is where he got my first taste of electronics. Plugging and unplugging vacuum tubes, he learned how to solder and schooled learning Morse code. An avid listener and player of music; Dennis worked for Pacific Stereo; spent 6 years working with a Professional Audio Manufacture building sound reinforcement equipment. Spent the next 14 years into the Wholesale Electronic Distribution industry and finally worked as a Field Service Technician supporting the IRIS , Pick and UNIX operating systems. Spent 10 Years managing 15 technician out of 4 Northern California office servicing technology for small to medium business. Dennis started Professional Computer Technology 14 years ago providing managed services to business clientele.